Controller for the furniture industry

Height adjustment for tables | Sun umbrellas | Blinds | Movable room divider | TV Set lift


Options and applications for the LTC range

  • 100 mW standby power instead of the standard 250 mW
  • Bluetooth Module, for the remote control of the LTC range by an App
  • WiFi Module for the control of the LTC range by a browser
  • NFC Version for the configuration of the LTC without the need to power it up or unpack it
  • Laing GyroSense a controller integrated highly sensitive system for collision detection
    • Since system is directly integrated into the controller no external sensors have to be mounted or connected


Remote Service Option

  • Solution for remote maintenance and service through the Laing Cloud interface
  • Instead of sending a service technician, the cloud interface can be shipped to the customer
  • The Laing Cloud Interface provides a direct connection to the LTC through the internet
  • It is also equipped with a GSM Modem so that the user is not required to deal with an internet connection
  • It will be plugged into the bus connection of the LTC
  • This gives the service technician access to check and configure the controller from his desk
  • By this solution most of the service travel can be avoided


Laing Table Controller
  • ➤  compact
  • ➤  powerful
  • ➤  easy to configure
  • ➤  high duty cycle
  • ➤  remotely controllable
  • ➤  bluetooth option

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