Das Cloud Interface von Laing Innotech


Laing Cloud Interface

There are many ways to connect to the Internet.
Most likely none can be connected as easily as this one!

The Laing Cloud Interface was developed to connect products to the Internet that do not have their own control. A variety of interfaces are available for easy connection to existing products.

The Cloud interface connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM, LTE or, where required, satellite modem. Throughout the development of the cloud interface the highest priority was, an easy way to connect to the Internet, as it is not feasible to expect IT knowledge from the end user. Using the same encryption technology, as in online banking systems, insures secure access and connections that cannot be manipulated.

A powerful user and access rights administration system defines, who has access to what kind of data and who can remotely control and configure a product.


It could not be easier.

The key to a high acceptance level from your customer, is an ‚easy‘ way to the Net.
Just 3 simple steps connect the Laing Cloud Interface to the Internet.


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Now the Cloud interface is connected and accessible from everywhere.

Now you have the flexibility to define the access rights of users or user groups and to define the ownership of the device. For example, it can be setup so that marketing and the end-user can only monitor the status, while the service department is authorized to change the configuration of the device connected to the cloud interface. From a single connection between the device and one user, up to complex structures with several departments, a wide range of applications can be covered.



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