Laing connects your product with the Internet.

Everyone is talking about the “Internet of Things”. It will fundamentally change the way we live and work. Whether lighting, pumps, machining centers, boilers or other products, connecting such products to the internet offers new opportunities to the manufacturer or supplier of these products.

Capturing use profiles allows for an ideal adaptation of the products to their application. The service can become preventive and not only then when a failure was reported by the user. The ability to remotely monitor and control your product offers you completely new business opportunities. Being connected to your product also means establishing a permanent connection to your customers. Specific ‘usage dependent product additions’ can be offered. Finally today’s tech savvy customers expect products that can be accessed through the internet.

From the simple monitoring of a door to the monitoring and control of a complex production line, in any case an easy to manage, powerful and flexible connection to the internet is required. For years Laing Innotech has been working to provide an easy way to connect products with the Internet. For products having their own controls, in many cases a software solution is sufficient, for more simple products the cloud interface provides a universal solution.

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